Holly Nealy, LMSW


Online only(due to Covid) across the state of Texas.

I am a Licensed Master Social Worker who works with adults and children ages 10-18. My goal is to help you stop feeling overwhelmed and depressed and begin to take control of your life.

I am passionate about helping children and adults learn, grow, and heal. I provide a safe space to explore negative patterns of behavior that affect school and parent-child relationships. I have learned over the years of helping children that they require love, non-judgmental support, and structure.  I have also worked with kids and teens with Autism for two years on a variety of social issues including anxiety and understand the unique needs of kids and teens on the Spectrum.

Healthy boundaries can be difficult to establish and maintain. We are not born knowing what healthy boundaries are or what they look like.  You can learn to recognize negative patterns and how to establish healthy boundaries. Utilizing a holistic therapeutic process we will explore patterns of behavior, trauma, and relationships to help you recognize and replace those behaviors with healthier choices and learn to set boundaries to heal and maintain your mental health.

If you are facing a health crisis, disability, or immune disorder you do not have to face it alone. These issues leave many facing anxiety, depression and grief that they are reluctant to discuss with family. I provide a safe and comfortable space to discuss the effects of these diagnoses on the individual and family. We will utilize an Existential approach and focus on your capacity for self-awareness and acceptance.

I look forward to meeting with you. Please contact Reveal and Restore Counseling to set up an appointment.

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